About the Artist


From Trash to Treasure…062

Through my art, I would very much like to show people that we shouldn’t walk away from our past in order to progress further. I believe that in fact, we cannot leave things behind, they are a part of us whether we know it or not. And we will do our best when we remember who we are. So, when we use material objects, whether we live in a house, or drive a car, or drink from a bottle or use a cereal bowl, the experience we had with that thing is imprinted in us, it becomes a part of us. And when we see, touch, smell, or feel those items again, those experiences begin to come back to us. That is why I create recycled art, such as the bottle windows and mosaics using recycled trinkets and such. I take these everyday objects that seemingly are meaningless and show the world how beautiful it is, and how much memory and meaning they hold for us, and so unnecessary to discard. Nature is all about blending diverse and unique pieces together. Nothing is thrown away, everything is resource for something else. With mosaics, I do just that. I use recycled glass, pottery, found objects and stone, or just about anything that inspires me and create a message through art.  The pieces that go in them are treasures, the memories that are attached to them are treasures, and the final piece of art is a treasure, not trash.

Namaste, my friends.

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